Saving Gracie: The Story of Cow 812

Saving Gracie: The Story of Cow 812 tells the tale of a dairy cow in Galloway, Scotland who suffers an injury and what people can do to help an animal in need. One morning a farmer noticed Gracie limping as she walked to the barn so he called the veterinarian. After doing all she could, […]

Oh, Theodore!

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems is a collection of poems that tells a story about a boy and his new pet guinea pig. Students will notice some of the responsibilities involved in having a guinea pig as a pet, through figurative language and poetry. Learning about and recognizing the value of responsibility can empower students […]

Not Norman

Not Norman tells the story of a boy who learns the value of his new pet goldfish. At first, the boy is disappointed that his pet, Norman, is just a goldfish. Norman was not the pet he wanted or imagined since fish can’t play fetch, chase toys or be petted. As the story progresses, and […]

Max Talks to Me

Max Talks to Me tells the story of a boy and how he communicates with his dog, Max and the special bond that they have. Even though Max cannot speak in words, the reader discovers that when the boy watches and listens to Max, that he does ‘talk’ to the boy, through his behaviour and […]

Tails Are Not for Pulling

Tails Are Not for Pulling is a story about pets and how they communicate their feelings and needs. It also demonstrates how young people can interact with pets in a safe and respectful way. Learning that animals are sentient beings that have feelings and emotions allows students to better relate to them. Students may have […]

Millie’s Chickens

Raising the chickens in her backyard, Millie is responsible for caring for her birds from sunrise to sunset. The importance of being responsible and meeting the chicken’s needs (food, water, shelter, enrichment, safety, etc.) is covered in this story. Why use this book? Demonstrates caring for a chicken. While the type of care changes based […]

Norman, Speak!

Norman, Speak! is a story about a boy and his family who adopt a dog named Norman from their local animal shelter. After bringing Norman home and trying to teach him cues, they discover that Norman doesn’t respond to them, or even to his own name. One day, while playing at the park with another […]

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