Animals in Literature

Description Grade Two

The following books are included in the Grade Two AnimalTales package.

Max Talks to Me

Claire Buchwald

Max Talks to Me tells the story of a boy and how he communicates with his dog, Max and the special bond that they have. Even though Max cannot speak in words, the reader discovers that when the boy watches and listens to Max, that he does ‘talk’ to the boy, through his behaviour and body language. Learning how others, including both animals and people, feel by reading body language and social cues is an important communication skill.

Students will:

  • identify how animals communicate their feelings through behavior and body language
  • compare how people and animals use body language to communicate
  • describe the responsibilities of being a pet owner

Not Norman

Kelly Bennett

Not Norman tells the story of a boy who learns the value of his new pet goldfish. At first, the boy is disappointed that his pet, Norman, is just a goldfish. Norman was not the pet he wanted or imagined since fish can’t play fetch, chase toys or be petted. As the story progresses, and the boy spends more time with Norman, he realizes Norman has some great qualities and is a good pet after all. Students will explore why we should not judge a book by its cover and that sometimes being curious and learning more about something or someone can change your opinion. 

Students will:

  • list the basic needs of animals
  • describe responsibilities of being a pet owner
  • explore the perspective of an animal

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story

Donal Uluadluak

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story  tells the story of a frustrated boy who receives advice from his grandfather about the importance of building a friendship with his puppy, Kamik. Jake is having a difficult time with the way his new puppy is behaving, but becomes optimistic after listening to stories from his grandfather on the relationship he had with his dogs. Through listening to his grandfather’s stories Jake builds his relationship with and develops respect for his grandfather and Kamik. Students may have experienced a time when they found themselves frustrated with a new experience and listening to others who have gone through similar experiences is one way to help.

Students will:

  • identify the different roles that animals have
  • recognize the cultural value of animals
  • identify natural dog behaviours

The Bug Girl

Sophia Spencer

The Bug Girl tells the journey of a young girl exploring her passion for insects. The girl falls victim to bullying when her peers tease her for liking bugs and as a result she decides not to like bugs anymore. Soon, with help from her mom, and an entomologist, the girl realizes that bugs are in fact cool and that being different is ok. Students will be able to relate to the bullying the girl faces, as well as her wanting to fit in with her peers. Realizing that it is ok to be different from others and what can happen when you follow your passions are key takeaways from this book.

Students will:

  • demonstrate how to safely and respectfully observe animals
  • list careers studying animals
  • identify ways to care for living things and environments 
  • ​​identify unkind actions and how they make people/animals feel
  • understand the need to respect all living things

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