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Kindness challenger
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Start by downloading and printing the Kindness Challenger Activity (PDF).

For students that want to come up with their own Kind Acts use the, Kindness Challenger Activity blank version (PDF).

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Cut out square (along the dotted line)
  2. Fold up Kindness Challenger according to the diagram:

 challenger instructions

How to use the Kindness Challenger:

  1. Start from a closed position with your fingers together and have your partner select a square containing a word or words (ie. KIND). Spell the word out, moving your fingers together and apart of each letter. (If you aren’t sure how to use one, visit the Wikipedia page Paper Fortune Tellers)
  2. Your partner then selects a number that is exposed. Again, move your fingers together and apart counting up to that number.
  3. Finally, your partner picks a number and their Kind Act for the day is revealed! Your partner’s goal is to complete the kind act within 24 hours.
  4. Give the Kindness Challenger to your partner and then it’s your turn to make the selection.
  5. Repeat every day for one week.


The Kindness Challenge:

Using the Kindness Challenger (or coming up with your own kind acts), have your students perform a kind act every day for one week. Our webpage, A week of kindness has ideas, tips, reflection questions and how to let us know about your challenge to get on our Kindness Map.

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