Character Education

Stay Curious! Ask, Learn, Grow!

Curiosity is powerful. It encourages us to ask questions, seek answers, think critically, find solutions and develop better ways of doing things. It helps us to be open to others, build understanding and foster empathy. Animals are intrinsically interesting to young people and can be a powerful motivator for fostering curiosity that can be easily extended to others and the environment.

As part of the theme, we asked students across Alberta to send in their ‘Curious Questions’ about animals to have answered by animal experts! Click on the button below to see the questions.

Discussion Questions and Activities

Use the following discussion questions and activities to spark curiosity in your classroom. Curriculum connections can be found within each division.

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Additional Resources

Needs of Animals

Needs of Budgies solutions

Life with Louis video

Observing Animals

Leave it to Beavers video

Observing Animals activity sheet

Animal Cams

Animal Behaviour

Budgie Preening video

Animal Cams

Curious People

The Watcher read aloud video

On a Beam of Light read aloud video

Exotic Pets

Five Freedoms

Life with Louis video

Animal Behaviour Science

10 Ways Chimps and Humans are the Same

Dancing Frostie video

Not a Human, but a Dancer article (Why budgies dance)

Animal Cams

Exotic Pets

Five Freedoms

Exotic Pet Trade

China’s Exotic Pet Trade video

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