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I’m Kosuke, born and raised in Tokyo. I call Cochrane my home now. I moved to Canada when I graduated high school. I like outdoor activity and Canada has lots of this to offer.

I didn’t have any pet until grade three. In Japan, there is a New Year holiday where family and relatives get together and children receive gifts of money known as “Otoshidama.”  I bought two parakeets with my Otoshidma. I was taking care of the parakeets so well, but they escaped from their cage and flew away. I leaned that taking care of animal is so hard, with many responsibilities. 

I see Canadian wildlife a lot and it seems like many people show their care for wildlife by not feeding the animals or not approaching too close.  Now I love cats, because cats are very independent animals and very cute. They are less work than dogs and don’t need to go for a walk. Owning animals is a lot of responsibility. Feeding, cleaning, and take them to the vet if they are sick.  Children need to understand how to take of an animal and have some background knowledge of the animal’s natural environment so, they can make it feel comfortable. 

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