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My name is Peter, and I was born in Wildwood, Alberta, but call Spruce Grove home. Growing up my family had a “mixed farm.” We raised sheep, pigs, horses, and chickens. My mother would consistently judge animals at the Wildwood fair. Farming didn’t have many safety precautions to follow when I was growing up. As a youth, I was rammed, and knocked over by a ram while feeding my sheep. While trying to transport a calf into shelter during the winter, I fell over backwards off a fence with the calf in my arms. While trying to catch a colt in the horse enclosure, I was running, and struck by a board that the colt stepped on as it was not properly secured. In my youth I attended 4H and I learned from traditions passed down through my family.

Now as an adult I have a “hobby farm.” I have five horses that I care for and ride on occasion. I also have numerous cats and two dogs. Farming used to be a source of income, a way of life, now I do it because it brings me joy. I was forced to farm as a child as it was my family’s livelihood. As an adult, I do it because it is my passion. I am also aware I now have funds more readily available to run a safe farm, and care for my animals in the best way possible. When I was a child money was tight and we just did what we had to do to get by. My horses mean everything to me, I have raised them all from colts and they feel like a part of our family. 

There’s no better life than farm life. Working with animals is life-changing and impacts my point of view daily.

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