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12 Days of Kindness

Spread joy this December by participating in the 12 Days of Kindness! Complete simple acts of kindness towards self, others, animals, and the environment by following the 12 Days of Kindness Activity Tracker!

Use the Activity Tracker to reveal the task students will be completing each day. Once you are finished the daily activity, be sure to track your progress by marking the tracker. This ‘advent calendar’ style tracker is quick and easy to assemble and will help students remain engaged.

Alternatively, you can use these Google slides to track your progress.

This all ages activity incorporates small acts of kindness making a positive difference in your class, school, and community!

The daily activities include online resources such as Google slides, videos, printable resources, games, as well as additional information to help you complete the daily tasks.

Every class who completes the 12 Days of Kindness will be awarded a certificate and be added to the Kindness Map!

Getting Started

  • Let us know if your class commits to participating in the 12 Days of Kindness by completing the short form on the right. We will follow up with you towards the end of the twelve days to check in on how it is going and gather info we will use for your certificate and Kindness Map mark.
  • Download, print and assemble the 12 Days of Kindness Activity Tracker in preparation for starting the activity on December 1st!
Your info will only be used to contact you towards the end of the twelve days to see how it is going and gather info to use on your certificate and Kindness Map mark.

Help make kindness contagious by posting about the 12 Days of Kindness of social media! 

Download, print and assemble the 12 Days of Kindness Activity Tracker to keep track of your progress!

Let us know if you participate in the 12 Days of Kindness to be added to the Kindness Map!

Teacher Resources and Online Material

Day 1 - Helping Out

Make a difference in your school by helping to keep it clean. Tidy up, pick up liter, and put recycling in its place.

Ask students:

  • Why is it important to look after our classroom, school, community?
  • Who benefits from a clean classroom, school, community? Remind students to think of more than just people!

Day 2 - Animal Game

Play the ‘Get Nina Home’ Animal Game to learn about animal welfare and safety. The game covers pets, farm animals, and wildlife. As we learn more about animals and their needs, the better we are at providing care.

To play the game, click here!

Day 3 - Connect

Write a letter or draw a picture for a friend or family member. Let your friend or family member know that you are participating in the 12 Days of Kindness and why you appreciate them!

Day 4 - Animal Gratitude

List three reasons you are grateful for animals in your community and explain why. If time permits, encourage students to share their list with the class.

If needed, use the following prompts for students:

  • How do animals make you feel?
  • What do you like best about animals?
  • What is your favourite animal?
  • What are the different ways you interact with animals?

Day 5 - Move Your Body

Being physically active is important for your health and wellness. Spend 20-30 minutes moving your body to your ability. Ex. Taking a brisk walk, playing an active game, or dancing.

For more information on moving your body visit the Participaction website!

Day 6 - Practise Empathy

Taking someone’s perspective is a good way to practise empathy. Work through the Practising Perspective Taking Slides as a class or group.

For additional K-9 activities that help practise empathy, visit the Empathy section of the Character Education poster series.

Day 7 - Kindness Challenger

Use the Kindness Challenger Fortune Teller to determine which small act of kindness to complete today! Encourage a friend to take a turn with a challenger.

The Kindness Challenger Fortune Teller can be downloaded and printed here.

For additional instructions on how to fold and use an origami fortune teller, click here.

Day 8 - Mindfulness

Find a quiet space where you can sit for two minutes by yourself. Think about something you are proud of or grateful for. Share with a friend if you’d like.

Mindfulness means maintaining a few moments of awareness of our own thoughts and emotions. It can help manage stress and increase one’s ability to focus. For additional resources on mindfulness visit the following links:

Day 9 - The 5 Needs of Animals

As a class watch the Five Needs of Animals Introduction Video to learn what the five needs of animals are. Write them on the board.

If time permits, or at a more opportune time, watch the interactive videos that speak to each need individually. For more information and to watch the videos visit the Five Needs of Animals.

Day 10 - Learn About the Land

Spend time reading books by Indigenous authors, and/or learning about the Indigenous people’s who originated on the Treaty land you live on. Reflect on what you’ve learned.

Visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation for educational resources that promote reconciliation.

Day 11 - Reduce Your Waste

Instead of tossing it in the garbage or recycling, reduce your waste by finding a different use for an item you no longer need. Brainstorm ideas as a class on ways to reduce your classroom waste. The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing items!

Suggest to students that if they get creative, pets can provide a good opportunity to reuse items that otherwise might just be recycled or thrown in the garbage. Here are a few examples:

  • If you forget your reusable produce bags and have to use plastic ones from the grocery store, reuses those bags to pick up after your pet
  • Rather than buy a new container to store your pet treats in, reuse a glass jar
  • Putting treats in a paper towel roll and pinching the ends, makes a great enrichment puzzle toy for your dog. Make sure you supervise your dog to be sure he just eats the treats

Can your students come up with any other ideas?

Visit the City of Edmonton Reuse Centre Facebook page for more ideas!

Day 12 - Reflection

Journal about your 12 Days of Kindness experience. How did participating in it make you feel?

As reflection is an important part of the learning process, it is important to allow students the opportunity to think about their experience and make meaning from it. How did the 12 Days of Kindness go? What did they learn?

Go over these reflection questions with your students.

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