Spotlight on Volunteers – April 2017

Kelsey Neill – Animal Research InternKelsey - Izzie 1_round

Kelsey Neill has spent this year volunteering with the Alberta SPCA compiling animal research on  health, proper care, safety and just fun and interesting facts that make animals unique. These facts will be featured on our facebook and twitter pages and will be used in the development of new games and resources that encourage young people to learn about animals and be responsible pet and livestock owners. She has also contributed as a guest blogger, integrating her interest in both public health and animal health blogging about zoonotic diseases in the classroom. She is set to graduate from the University of Alberta Animal Health Science program in June and hopes to complete a Master’s degree in Public Health with the goal of becoming an epidemiologist.

Her free time is spent with Netflix, music and her German Shepard mix, Izzy that she adopted seven years ago.

When asked what she liked about volunteering with us, she said:

“My favourite thing about volunteering …was that I was able to learn more about animal welfare education! I think education and public awareness campaigns about animal welfare are a very effective way of preventing animal abuse and teaching kids empathy. I was excited to contribute towards humane education, even if in a small way, because I think it is a super important cause.”

Savannah Lincez – Book Program Intern

Savannah - Felix_roundIf you’ve ever received an AnimalTales book program this year, it was carefully packaged and mailed by Savannah. She has also been a valuable collaborator on an upcoming kindergarten AnimalTales kit (and will be available for request next fall).

Savannah is in her third year of an Elementary Education Degree and is currently completing a practicum in a grade two classroom. She believes that discussing and learning about animals in the classroom is a good way to get through to students and help shape them into caring people. She plans to stay on as a volunteer with the Alberta SPCA for as long as she can.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family and playing with her adopted cat Felix.

When asked if she learned anything while volunteering that surprised her, she commented:

“I didn’t realize how much something as simple as a picture book could impact a person’s character and beliefs. Reading through some of the books available through the Alberta SPCA AnimalTales program, I went from loving animals to having a passion to learn about humane education and all that it entails.”

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