What difference does a week of kindness make?

You tell us!

Try just one week of daily kind acts – for animals, people and the environment. It doesn’t require extra class time (or prep time), but can make a big impact. Ask students to commit to one act of kindness each day and record what they did. We have a checklist (or this simpler checklist for younger students) to provide your students with ideas they can use at school and at home. This is a great exercise for everyone – from very young students to adults that work in the school.

Represent your success by creating a simple tally chart, putting leaves on a kindness tree or one of these other ideas.

Grade 2 Kindness Tree
Kindness Tree

When your class is finished the week of kindness, ask them how it went! Use these reflection questions to have students consider how their actions impacted others and themselves.

Finally let us know about it! We’ll put your class on our Kindness Map and send Kindness Counts stickers.

End the year on a positive note! Let’s Practice Empathy Together!

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