9 Lessons Learned in my Backyard this Summer

  1. Bird feeders are great for attracting songbirds.

But they sure are messy – those birds drop lots of seeds!


  1. Proper maintenance is important.

Broken shed doors that don’t close are just inviting squirrels to move in.

No one will find these here!
  1. It’s important to clean out old nesting material from a bird house.

Preferably before wasps make their home in it. Especially if you’re allergic.


  1. Bird feeders also attract crows and magpies.

Not so much for the seeds as for the mice that show up to feast on the dropped seeds.


  1. Squirrels don’t like it when you move their stash out of your shed.

At least they sure sounded angry. Very angry.


  1. Magpies and crows wake up really early.

And they want to get everyone else up at 5:00 a.m.


  1. My dog is great at protecting me from squirrels in the backyard.

Outside the yard, she notifies me of danger by running in the opposite direction.

Lucky the Protector
Lucky the Protector
  1. Neighbours get upset when they discover you’re the one attracting crows and magpies.

Unlike squirrels, their irritation leaves no doubt.


  1. Despite best intentions, working with nature doesn’t always end up as planned.

This may also apply globally.


Your students undoubtedly returned to school this week with stories of great vacation adventures. Encourage them to look for adventures in nature, close to home – and lessons that can be learned there!

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