Animals in Literature

Descriptions Grade Four

The following books are included in the Grade Four AnimalTales package.

Call the Horse Lucky

Juanita Havill

Call the Horse Lucky tells the story of a horse who was removed from a situation when he was found to be suffering from neglect. When a young girl named Mel, notices something wrong with a horse in a pasture she takes action. With the help of her grandmother, she contacts a humane society to investigate. Lucky ends up being removed from his situation and taken to a horse rescue ranch. Mel forms a bond with the horse and although she isn’t in a position to adopt him, she can still connect with him through volunteering. Students may be inspired by the actions of Mel and motivated to help someone in need. They will also learn that there are ways to make connections with animals even if they don’t own them. 

Students will:

  • explain the role of a humane society or SPCA
  • identify the requirements of being a responsible animal caretaker
  • identify some consequences of neglecting an animal (pet or farm animal)
  • discuss examples of how animals show they have feelings and personalities

One Duck tells a story of how small acts of kindness can make difference. When a farmer starts to plow his field, a duck, who built a nest in the field, sits calmly on top of her eggs, watching the tractor. As the tractor gets closer to the duck, threatening her and her nest, the duck must decide what to do. Will the farmer see the duck before it is too late? This story demonstrates the interconnectedness of animals, people, and the environment, and how our actions can impact others. Students will also discover that the best intentions do not always lead to good outcomes.

Students will:

  • discuss the importance of respect for living things;
  • demonstrate empathy for animals
  • demonstrate respect for the environment; 
  • describe a duck’s feelings and emotions
  • relate how animals think and feel to how people think and feel

Tanna's Owl

Rachel and Sean Quitsualik-Tinsley

Tanna’s Owl  tells the story of Tanna, a girl who learns to appreciate owls. At first, Tanna was disappointed her father brought home a baby owl that required care. Tanna thought the owl was ugly, and did not enjoy how the owl ate ‘gross’ food. As the story progresses and Tanna becomes more familiar with the owl, her appreciation for the owl grows. Then one day, the owl becomes old enough to fly away. As we become familiar with someone or something (this can apply to animals, people and the environment), we become more understanding and empathetic. The lessons from this book can apply to all animals, other people and the earth we share.

Students will:

  • identify examples of animals that have cultural significance
  • research how animals communicate their feelings through behaviour and body language
  • compare the needs of domestic animals to the needs of wildlife
  • identify the different between caring for a wild animals and a pet

Oh, Theodore!

Susan Katz

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems is a collection of poems that tells a story about a boy and his new pet guinea pig. Students will notice some of the responsibilities involved in having a guinea pig as a pet, through figurative language and poetry. Learning about and recognizing the value of responsibility can empower students to make good choices for themselves and consider how their actions affect others, animals and the environment.

Students will:

  • identify behaviours of responsible pet owners
  • describe the needs of guinea pigs
  • identify how to appropriately interact with a pet
  • discuss examples of how animals show they have feelings and personalities

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