Announcing the Alberta SPCA humane awards for teachers and students

The Alberta SPCA’s education department is happy to announce our humane awards – open to all Alberta teachers and students who inspire others to show compassion for animals, people and the environment.

Teachers who incorporate humane education principles that foster empathy and respect for all living things are eligible for the Alberta SPCA Humane Teacher Award.

Students who serve as role models of responsible and compassionate care for living creatures through school work or volunteer projects can be nominated for the Alberta SPCA Humane Student Award.

It feels good to nominate someone – and awards are wonderful to receive. But besides the chance of winning, a nomination has other benefits as well. When you submit a nomination, you:

  • help spread awareness of humane education – teaching that inspires compassion for animals, people and the environment.
  • highlight exemplary practices in teaching and learning that promote empathy growth.
  • encourage others to adopt similar kind practices.
  • identify role models who in turn will inspire others.
  • spread some good news for a change!

Nominations only take a few minutes, and must be submitted by October 23rd. Please take a moment to nominate someone today.

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