A Week of Kindness

Begin the kindness week by discussing the phrase:

be kind text

Discussion questions:

  • Is being kind important, and if so, why?
  • Who (or what) do we need to be kind to? Is there anyone/thing that doesn’t deserve our kindness?
  • What are some examples of kindness that you have witnessed or have heard about.
  • Who is positively affected by acts of kindness (the giver, receiver and even witnesses can receive the benefits of a kind act!)

Then as a class brainstorm different ways to show kindness to animals, people and the environment (Here is a simple checklist or Kindness Fortune Teller to get you started.)

Before embarking on the kindness week challenge, decide how you will demonstrate your accomplishment. Here are just few ideas.

Upon completion, have students reflect on the experience. How did the week go? What did they learn? Feel free to use our reflection questions to get your students thinking!

Let us know about your kindness week challenge and we will add your class to our Kindness Map, and send a certificate of accomplishment and some stickers.