Human Anatomy online

These links are provided as a service for teachers looking for dissection alternatives. The Alberta SPCA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Inner Body
Explore the human body like never before! Choose any system and discover hundreds of interactive anatomy pictures and descriptions of thousands of objects in the body. Also includes a nutrition guide and information on anatomy-related careers.

Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
Detailed information and diagrams of heart valves, heart beats, circulatory system and more from the Texas Heart Institute.

Complete Anatomy 2019
Students can browse through 12 body systems and select structures they would like to learn more about, or examine in extra detail.

These interactive tutorials on a variety of topics combine videos, animations, and graphics to engage students in learning. Explore different features of the human body and what they reveal about our evolutionary history. Learn about cells of the immune system, electrical activity of neurons, human evolution and more. From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The Virtual Body
Look inside the human brain, skeleton, heart and digestive tract. Flash animation allows you to take a tour, view animations, and more.

Get Body Smart
An online human anatomy and physiology textbook. Interactive animations to help you visually learn about the human body.

Structure of the Human Body
LUMEN (Loyola University Medical Education Network) offers these tools for studying human anatomy, including cross-sectional anatomy, master muscle list, and more.

Think Anatomy
This website contains a collection of anatomy resources gathered from the internet.