Apps & Other Alternatives

These links are provided as a service for teachers looking for dissection alternatives. The Alberta SPCA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites. The items on this page are available for purchase from the suppliers.

Virtual Frog Dissection
This frog dissection app includes individual 3-D organ views and information, voiceovers for instruction and reading, detailed labels, information on frog classification, lifecycle, and organ functions, and more.

Virtual Rat Dissection
This iPad app allows students to experience a virtual dissection of a rat. The app walks you through a series of steps on how to dissect a rat, and includes both written instructions and voice-overs. The organs are all presented as 3D images, with detailed information on each organ.

Digital Frog
The Digital Frog 2 uses the full spectrum of multimedia technologies—full-motion (and full-screen) video, animation, sounds, narration, in-depth text and still images—to bring teaching dissection and anatomy to life.

Anatomy in Clay
Skeletal models allow students to add organs and muscles that they create out of modelling clay. Use the models to teach skeletal, muscular and other body systems.

Pro Dissector Frog
Control the transparency of layers to see the structures underneath and their relationships. Each anatomical structure can be highlighted, identified, pronounced and defined. Now available through McGraw-Hill.

A realistic 3D simulation of a Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) designed to better facilitate knowledge and comprehension of frog anatomy and physiology. Now includes frog, fetal pig, cow eye, owl pellet, squid and starfish dissections. Available as a subscription service and iPad/iPhone app.

Dry Lab
Includes a simple interface, high resolution images of actual specimens, and a complete database of questions. Fetal pig, frog, earthworm, and other species are all available.

Dig a Pig
Dig a Pig containing 217 high-resolution images of a fetal pig. Also, as an added bonus, images of a cow’s eye and heart, as well as the kidney and uterus of an adult pig have been included.

This software allows viewing the animal body and skeleton in 3-D! Animals include, frog, horse, canine, cat, rat, bird, bovine and pig.

DissectionWorks programs include the frog, fetal pig, earthworm, crayfish and perch. The CatWorks program is more detailed with good graphics.